Introducing… KIDFURY

Do you sometimes look at your kids and think ‘why does everything just look so cool on you?.‘ I mean there aren’t many people that can work a pair of brown cord dungarees with a pink torrent-shell out there but my kids certainly can. Inspired by the effortless style traits of our future generations KID FURY is a brilliant new range of what I’d call ‘Playing out in the streetwear’. Alongside bed-sets and artwork the predominant products they offer are graphic tees that feature a playful take on some of our favourite brands as well as ace artwork from our mate Josh Parkin┬áthat’s dropping soon plus a recent collab with artist James Choules from Black Atelier. There’s no point trying to be cooler than your kids so you may as well just make them even cooler by joining them up to the KID FURY club.

Get your kids kitted out here.



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