Introducing… Arvin Goods

If you’re in the market for some new Salford docks then check out Arvin Goods, an exciting new brand from the Pacific North-West with sustainability at it’s core. A sock brand that creates new products from all the unused old fabrics out there and an underwear company that doesn’t require water or toxic dyes for a fresh pair.  By combining these materials with other recycled fabrics, expressive colours are created without the use of harmful dyes. And where new products are made, sold, lived in they are then hopefully donated for recycling, and so the circle continues. Sustainable and effective, the Arvin Process eliminates waste, saves water, reduces C02 emissions, and creates a sustainable loop for the planet and the people. Good eh? Check out the link below and if you’re interested in being a stockist get in touch with our mate Mike at Foundry Brands here.


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