Introducing Bowderstone Bags

Top Gear; so, so much to answer for.

From the badly dressed Middle-England audience, whooping and a hollering at each of Clarkson’s misogynistic and semi veiled xenophobic rants, to the pornification (#MadeUpWordKlaxon) of large automobiles that none of us can afford or are really that arsed about.

But what really travels on my tits is the innate way the triumvirate of twats that host it have of ruining perfectly good clobber for the rest of us.  That sinking feeling as you see smiling Hammond, leather necklace out, sporting a Barbour International; or James May prancing about in a Belstaff Panther, knowing that you can no longer wear yours due to guilt by association.

However, it’s the way that Floral Shirting has been badly donned alongside ill-fitting denim and Cockroach Killer shoes that finishes it for me – a look that is Toby from Cheltenham’s weekend wear of choice; but for the readers of this fine sartorial site, just won’t do.

So the question is how can we go about reclaiming ‘The Floral’ for those times we feel a bit fruity?  One way would be to bring a bit of flowery-hikerdelia to your rambles or weekends away and in these bags from Bowderstone you have the opportunity to do just that.


Bowderstone, based in the Lake District, use the 30 years combined experience of two outdoor designers to produce practical and hardwearing bags.


Their choices of fabric (premium acrylic canvas), colour and pattern are picked to reflect the vibrancy of the Lakeland area where they are made.


Specifically tailored at the request of the Japanese market, and in a variety of styles, from backpacks to totes, beachbags to dufflebags, via handbags and messenger bags; Bowderstone manufacture in small numbers  so getting hold of them in this country could prove difficult.


Well worth hunting out though if you are after a bit of weekend ‘Top Gear’ that is eyecatching and English-Made, hardwearing and unknown to the Clarkson Crowd.


Find some of the collection here:


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