Introducing… Hanger by Holzweiler

Founded in 2012 by Oslo based siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler, this eponymous fashion house is all about well-made garms that really stand the test of time.

Passionate about art, architecture, nature and contemporary culture, their latest unisex off-shoot ‘Hanger’ reflects all their influences whilst defying seasonal conventions. The strategy behind Hanger being to reduce colour options for each season and have these colours available over a minimum of 4 seasons. So perennial Scandi classic colours white and black will be completely seasonless colour options that will never go into sale, with a view to reducing waste and over-stock in stores.

Each season some new products will be added that will be more playful and humorous with frequent collaborations from artists. However, the concept of having them last for many seasons will remain each time.

Pretty cool huh? Find out more here.

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