Introducing…. Hiut Denim

We’re always interested to hear about a new brand of jeans that we can start to obsess over and when there’s a feel-good story attached to it, it just makes it even better. Hiut denim has been set up by David Hieatt, one of the original brains behind eco-friendly label Howies. Who has already made an impressive start in re-invigorating denim manufacture in the town of Cardigan, where, like a Welsh Okayama, for three whole decades an impressive 35,000 pairs were made every week. By rather cannily using the factories and 30 years of experience still to be found on his doorstep (where at one point 10% of the population worked in the industry) David’s aim is to breathe new life into the town as well as changing denim history. Whilst the quantity may not be quite matching up to Cardigan’s previous output just yet the quality of both their organic and selvedge denim is already up there with the rest of our favourite premium denim producers. So by buying a pair of Hiuts with their little red alien-like rivet logo, not only are you getting a really great pair of jeans you’re also supporting a local business and quite possibly becoming a part of history.



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