Introducing… Kinoko “Field”

Not content with selling some of the best clothing from around the globe, Kinoko have now decided to start making it too. Called ‘Field’ their inaugural collection uses a range of materials and styles such as ventile and moleskin that were traditionally used on garments designed to explore and survive in the great British outdoors. Designed and made in the London, the painstaking level of attention to detail and premium fabrics used reflects Kinoko’s direct relationship with skilled manufacturers and the need for ‘slow-made’ processes in order to ensure the best possible end product. Our good mates at the Rig Out were given the honour of shooting the first look-book for Field at Beachy Head with a skateboarder called Geezer which the Kinoko posse have featured in a beautiful zine that also features imagery taken from vintage Ordnance Survey maps.

Check out the Field collection here.



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