Introducing La RosaNero

‘Italians Do It Better’ so Madonna tried to make us believe by donning that rather ace tee shirt in the Papa Don’t Preach video. 

(The same tee, by the way, which Old Mother Hilton wouldn’t let me buy as an 11 year old on holiday in Italy, claiming it was ‘too rude’; same excuse she used for not letting me get a Kappa tracky top on the same trip.  I’m not saying she’s conservative but…. *stops, before post turns into a therapy session*.)

Anyway, I spent a good 5 minutes this morning trying to disagree with Ms Ciccone’s claim….and I couldn’t.  Not really.

For every Chippy Tea, there’s Pizza, for pint of Real Ale see ice cold Peroni, Indie Rock replace with Italian House, Casual Chic loses to Paninaro Style….see where I’m going with this?  And I’ve not even mentioned Italia ’90. Looks like maybe old Madge was right.


If you still aren’t convinced, three words for you: pasta, football, and coffee.  A trio of things at the heart of new Northern (via Italia) brand La RosaNero and dear to the heart of us here at Proper.

La Rosa Nero started out as a football team, set up as a way of keeping a band of mates together, and has developed into a brand with its roots firmly in the home country of Salvo, its creative head.  A Palermo fan, from Sicily, Salvo has never quite understood the issue some Brits have with the colour pink.  In Italy pink represents victory – see the Giro d’Italia, you young cycling hipsters, or La Gazetta Dello Sport.  It is for this reason pink is integral to La RosaNero’s designs and product packaging.


If you’re after what’s likely to be tee shirt of the summer then you need to go for this one.  Proudly emblazoned on the back with LRN’s emblem of ‘the stuff of life’ and designed by Sheffield artist Tom J Newell.  It’s released this Friday (7th march) and is pretty bloody ace.


Whilst getting that you could also do worse than picking up the espresso especially blended for La RosaNero and one of their caffe cups, to add a bit of sophistication to your morning brew.

Check out the product range and read more about La Rosa Nero here.


Think Pink; and give in to the fact Italians win.

*As an aside, and one that shouldn’t influence your buying decisions, but for every product they sell, the GoodSouls at LRN do give a contribution to Cancer Research UK; another link to the Pink* 

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