Introducing… Languages/Just a T-Shirt

We know some very creative cats it has to be said, take for example the email we recently got from one of our comrades down in the capital telling us all about these two exciting t-shirts labels that he’s involved with. First up is Just a T-Shirt which utilises the classic white tee to showcase the work five very talented artists:Brad Phillips, Sonya Sombreuil, Oliver Payne, Mischa Hollenbach and Ken Kegami.  Then you have Languages which provides a range of similarly desirable printed tees with each enigmatic image providing an intriguing hint their inspiration whether that be an illustration of an apple or a photo of Little Richard. I won’t pretend to know what half of it means but to be honest that only makes me want to find out more and to own one as soon as is humanly possible.

Both Languages and Just a T-Shirt are available exclusively at Browns.



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