Introducing.. Lyckliga Dagar


Although cult, Seventies, period sit-com ‘Happy Days’ was perhaps one of the coolest shows ever made, imagine how much cooler it would have been if it had been made in Sweden? The Fonz would have driven a Saab and had an ace beard, Arnold’s Diner would be replaced by a sauna full of naked people and Mrs Cunningham would been a sultry, blonde MILF.  Just imagine. The name would change too, in Swedish Happy Days translates as Lyckliga Dagar, which just so happens to be the name of a new brand of handmade leather accessories, based on the coast of Sweden. The man behind this exquisite new brand is Martin Qvarnström who started making leather stuff a few years back just for himself and his mates at first.

The idea of starting a brand and selling products came about a year ago. I had always dreamed of making a living using my own creativity and productivity, so when I realised I could sell my leatherwork outside of my circle of  friends ‘Lyckliga Dagar’ was born.I really like the feeling of looking at a finished product and knowing I can hand that over to someone with pride.

As mentioned the name is Swedish for “Joyful days” and pays tribute not only to the dreams of living a grand life, but also to making those dreams reality via your own hands. This admirable ethos will be the core theme present throughout Lyckliga Dagar’s quality products, upcoming lookbooks, photo-shoots and collaborations with like-minded, creative people. Happy days (and beautiful leather accessories) are here again….





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