Introducing… Magik

To quote the master of magic Paul Daniels ‘You’re going to like this….. not a lot!’ No but seriously you will like this because it ‘s a new project from the same (bended) minds that brought us the brilliant Paradise Youth Club label. Though it’s tricky to summarise just what Magik is exactly they’ve kicked things off in fine style via the release of a lovely limited edition t-shirt with a psychedelic shaman on the front as well as a marvellous mixtape they’ve done with a 40 year old Indonesian record label (called Pepaya) that I’m not sure actually exists. Whether or not it is all just a great big hallucination I’m not too bothered as it all looks and sounds fantastic to me.  So get yourself one of their a tee-shirts whilst you can and lose yourself in the Magik mix man.


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