Introducing… Microdot Boutique

If you’re too young to remember the nineties or perhaps enjoyed yourself far to much back then to recall what exactly happened then it’s fair to say that Microdot designed most of it. Starting off by creating record covers for Manchester rap acts the Ruthless Rap Assassins and Kiss AMC the design agency also created the record covers, logos and artwork for The Verve and Oasis alongside a plethora of other multi-million selling acts.

With head honcho Brian Cannon still at the helm Microdot continues to work with musicians though they’ve swapped the hedonistic environs of 1990s London for the more serene settings of the Lake District. Which is also where you’ll find the Microdot Boutique, situated in a beautiful listed building in Kendal and filled with unique items that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. From handwritten lyrics to the Duffle coat Liam wore on the cover of Roll With It this musical mecca/mini-museum also contains limited edition prints and posters for sale as well as lots of cool clothing and artefacts. So alongside Teabay services and the New Balance outlet the Mircodot Boutique in Kendal is now another must see destination for anyone visiting the lakes who shares our love of rock and roll. Oh and if you’re not completely sure of who Brian Cannon is he’s the guy in the amazing photo below just hanging out with his mates Richard Ashcroft and the Gallaghers back in the day.

Microdot Boutique

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