Introducing… NOMOI




Hey look a new label, that’s made in England and isn’t shit, in fact it’s pretty frigging ace, who’d have thought? Welcome to the world of NOMOI a Greek word which means ‘natural laws’ apparently and when combined with another Greek word ‘ergon’ (meaning ‘work’) creates ergonomics which I suppose means ‘making nature work for you’ doesn’t it? Ancient Greek word-play aside this is the kind of super functional, hi-spec, technical /futuristic looking gear that looks like it’s been influence by Proper heroes Osti & 6876, never a bad thing in our books. Featured here are their first three pieces; the Crito Sweat in a lovely cobalt blue, the Meno Freezer jacket in ‘dark cloud’ and the Rival Hoody in a very wearable charcoal melange. And if you needed further proof of NOMOI’s pedigree the first stockist to snap this collection up is one of our favourite stores, the mighty Superdenim.




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