Introducing Northern Cobbler

Shoes. We like ‘em, don’t we? Keep your feet from getting manky, look good at the same time. Fairly simple. What about fish? Fish finger butties, scampi fries, haddock and chips (go to Scotland; you get two, it’s bloody sensational) sold on number two. What about a fish in a top hat wearing a monocle?

Well, I haven’t a Scooby how these two marry up either, but thankfully London based shoemakers Northern Cobbler play their part in this role exquisitely. Using high quality materials and handcrafted with skill and the odd quirk/fish thrown in, these purveyors of fine footwear make some very palatable wares for your plates.

They do boots, they do brogues, they do penny loafers, oxfords, brothel creepers and chukka boots. They also have gill-bearing names such as Sturgeon, Garpike, Scabbard, Sablefish, Arowana and Ronquil. They do it all with hand stitched leather, suede and welted soles, with a good measure of crepe cast in too -and we proper love crepe here at Proper.

They also do a shoe horn made with an actual horn. Future Beowulf accessories.

Have a mosey for them right here. or at @NorthernCobbler.

arwoana_front garpike_navy ronquil sabbardrear scab_stone_front scabbardfront seamoth sturgeon_brown sturgeon_rear


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