Introducing… Nowgone Pioneers


Everything in life is about balance isn’t it? I mean where would we be without balance? Ying without a bit of yang just doesn’t work does it? Balance being the key element that London label Nowgone Pioneers strive for when making their frankly quite sublime clothing. Simplicity and detail. Casual and formal. Past influences and new ideas. Makes perfect sense to me and also strikes a chord because their look book images remind me of my own admiration for the way Sikh geezers dress despite being a born again atheist. Most of the (mal) sikhs I know have proper decent beards, great hair, a nice bit of tomfoolery on their wrist and usually topped off with a nice bit of pastel coloured lambswool somewhere in the mix too. Now I’ve no idea if the model here is a sikh and I know I’m generalising a bit but about sikh blokes but I like to think I have a balanced opinion. Anyway, this mightily impressive inaugural collection made using Italian milled jersey is available exclusively via Present, Content & Oi Polloi.






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