Introducing… Pierre-Louis Mascia


WindBreaker09_191_940I used to love Art back when I was a scruffy college student, and not just to piss about in either. While everybody sat in boring classrooms I was ruining countless expensive paintbrushes, not to mention items of clothing, with acrylic paints. My love affair ended when I had to decide between forking out my hard earned to buy my own art equipment or using that money to venture out exploring the finest drinking establishments Eccles had to offer. My mind was already made up before I put any considerable thought into the dilemma; it wasn’t good news for my Art career, let alone my inexperienced liver.



Anyway, the point of all this was to somehow use arty words like abstract, conceptual and expressionist to describe Pierre-Louis Mascia and his new range of windbreakers but honestly, my vocabulary struggles with too much euro-culture. To put it bluntly, these jackets are top tackle. The French born illustrator, with the help of Italian entrepreneur Achille Pinto, turned to fashion in 2007 after completing artwork for Vogue, Chanel and Elle. Patti Smith poetry, The Knife and Neville Brody’s work for The Face are what he cites as being the inspiration for much of his work. Accompanying the windbreakers is a good collection of tees with much of the same printing style. Unfortunately, Mascia has gone and done a load of pillows, scarves and tote bags but what did we really expect from someone whose nation gave us snail cuisine and mimes?



I can’t see many lads wearing these in a drizzle sodden Macclesfield but there’s always the option for a nice spring trip to explore the scenery of Montpellier?




Words by Luke Morris @lukemorris88

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