Introducing… PresentedBy

When it comes to shops, London has pretty much everything you can think of doesn’t it? Apart perhaps from a retail destination that reflects the city’s unique sneaker culture. Well that’s another box that can now be ticked off as an incredible store named PresentedBy just opened up in Fitzrovia that claims to be the ultimate sneaker store in the world. A place where collectors can not just buy, sell and trade the most sought after footwear ranging from £100 to £100,000 but also receive the ultimate sneaker cleaning service thanks to the mighty Crep Protect’s presence in store.

As well as being able to sell/trade in your trainers in store there’s also the opportunity for interest free credit on orders priced between £500 and £25,000 allowing you to spread payments out over a number of months. Add to this a bespoke customisation service where sneakers are handcrafted to order and you really do have the ultimate sneaker shop don’t you?


15 Percy Street




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