Introducing… Proper People

Given my wealth of experience interviewing loads of famous people for various TV stations as well as several years working on You’ve Been Framed! it feels only right that Proper should get the camera out and make something watchable. So alongside our talented mates at Tanzaro we’ve joined forces and made the first in what we hope will be a regular series of short films we’ve called ‘Proper People’. The idea being that in each film we’ll catch up with different people from various backgrounds who each have a story to tell and ideally some nice clothing tucked away too.  First up is Jojo Elgarice from Sheffield’s Rag Parade which is situated on Eccleshall road and is revered vintage clothing destination from Todmorden to Tokyo. In the film Jojo proves his credentials as a proper person by telling us all about how he got started, and some of his greatest finds which includes an endearing story around a vintage CP Company Mille Miglia and an advert from The Face Magazine.


Oh and nice one to bass-meister Lee Mann from the Moonlandingz for providing the ace atmospheric music.

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