Introducing… SoftCore

I love how those misspent years of bouncing up and down in disused warehouses, sport centres and super clubs are now providing us with genuine works of art. Ideal for adorning your family home to remind you of the good old days as well as a reminder that the weekend isn’t far away for those still living the dream, SoftCore knows the score.

Set up by four fun-loving friends SoftCore and it’s superb soft furnishings are all inspired by the group’s colourful experiences raving in the 90s and 00s. Having produced designs and merch for Shoom’s 30th birthday party last year their products seem to have had universal approval from every leading light of UK club culture from Danny Rampling to the man like Goldie.

Perfect chill out tackle SoftCore pride themselves on their design and build quality and only work with the best manufacturers to create items that will last a lifetime of (after) partying. Whether they’re massive, indestructible pingers pressed in Amsterdam or small but perfectly formed cushions stitched in the UK the attention to detail is second to none.

Score yourself some SoftCore here.


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