Introducing… Tarvas Footwear

Have you ever been to Finland? I have, it’s brilliant. It’s got all the good stuff that the surrounding Scandinavian countries have but with added attitude and much cheaper beer. Five years ago five footwear professionals hooked up in Finland’s capital Helsinki to seek the answer to a common problem: How do you create a shoe that is resistant to unpredictable weather conditions that lives up to high aesthetic standards? After hundreds of  hours, several handmade prototypes and countless rounds of testing the team finally gave birth to brand Tarvas.

Made in Finland using hand shaped lasts Tarvas footwear features a mudguard that helps keep your feet dry whilst still allowing them to breathe thanks to their use of premium upper and lining leathers. Whilst the soles they have designed and developed in house are made from natural rubber in Italy and all geared to providing a good grip on a range of difference surfaces. Well that’s the answer to that tricky problem solved, I wonder what the Tarvas team will turn their attentions to next? How do you grow seedless grapes? Why are coke cans or airplanes dead small? Why do men have nipples? Who knows? Though if they have anything about them they’ll carry on making really, really ace shoes.

The Tarvas website will be popping up very soon, in the mean time keep up to speed on their Facebook and instagam pages.




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