Nudie Jeans Co. Introducing the ‘Loose Leif’


“It’s gotta be a loose leif, it’s gotta be a loose leif, don’t need no skin-tights in my wardrobe today.” The reason I’m paraphrasing the lyrical genius of Shaun William Ryder is because Nudie have a new wider style fit out called the ‘Loose Leif‘ and whilst we’re not quite into baggy territory just yet it’s a refreshing direction for those of us who like a bit of room to manoeuvre. It’s also a unisex style that works when worn high waisted or low on the hips, raw hemmed or turned up and comes in two different options, a blue washed repair replica called Noel and a traditional dry selvage in magnificent 13.5oz Kaihara Japanese denim.  So make like SWR everyone and loosen the fuck up.

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