Introducing… Troubadour



Now these immense, hand crafted, barrel-dyed Italian leather bags may be a little on the pricey side but if you bear in mind that they’ll probably last you a life-time and the depth and richness of colour will become increasingly more and more impressive as time goes by.

Though they do a wider range of bags (and wallets and ipad cases) I’ve chosen to feature the two most practical ‘no jacket required’ type of bags here that will both see you through a weekend away, namely the Day bag and the Rucksack. In fact thinking about it, the speed the new mag is selling out I reckon I’ll soon be able to afford both these big timer bags and a couple of weekends away. So keep buying our mags and bring on the bags!

IMG_8158 copia

IMG_8193 copia

IMG_8316 copia

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