Introducing Wayside Flower


The industrious hours I spent cleaning (going on Twitter & T’internet) this morning were not wasted, as I came across a brand I hadn’t heard of before but was mightily taken by.

I love a smock alot, me, and I don’t care who knows it.

They’re ace.

Any lad growing up on Bank Holiday repeats of Ice Station Zebra and The Heroes of Telemark will feel the same.

So it was seeing a RT into my timeline of a superb looking smock that got me aroused.

This arousal heightened to near ‘sexy-sexy time’ when I went onto the brand’s website and saw that it was a smock, ‘Made in England‘, and of British Millerain fabric.

A jacket-porn crescendo was well and truly reached upon looking further and seeing that they produced the same Waxed Cotton Sea King Cagoule, not just in Black, but also Orgasmic Mustard (my adjective of choice, not theirs…though it is well befitting!) As well as heat duty canvas ones in Sage Green and Navy Blue.


So who is this brand, that stopped me getting my cleaning done, and got me into trouble with Mrs H for the lack of tidiness and the fact I now want to spend another couple of 100 notes on a jacket I don’t need, but do want?

Wayside Flower (name taken from an old Bridlington fishing trawler) are an English clothing manufacturer based on the East Yorkshire coast. They aim to produce limited edition pieces, which are “Lovingly crafted using authentic British materials and yarns wherever possible”.

Wayside Flower specialise in #TrawlerManChic creating hand knitted sweaters, Fisherman’s smocks, workwear and outerwear.

Just the type of gear that gets us a little bit excited here at ProperMag Towers.



Check out the site and all it’s Great British goodness here.



Twitter: @HiltonShoegazer


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