It’s back: The Baracuta G9

As a brand, the fact that one’s clothes have become synonymous with a particular celebrity of the moment may be a mixed blessing – I hold Roger Moore personally responsible for the downfall of the safari suit; a practical, stylish, and potentially timeless garment hijacked in its prime by…apologies – i’ll stop there, as after all, I am (thankfully you are probably all thinking) not here to write about the safari suit. I am instead going to say a few words about another piece of clothing to which the words practical, stylish and timeless can be applied – the Baracuta G9 Harrington jacket.


Initially conceived as a piece of golf wear (I know…) the Harrington later became a British institution, later catching the eye of mods and skinheads, who made it their own. The Harrington escaped the fairways and went on to become a cultural icon, an instantly recognisable symbol of Britain in the 60s through 80s.

It has also benefited from numerous sightings on the shoulders of Steve McQueen, regarded by anyone with any sense as one of the best dressed men of the 20th century. Jason Statham has also been photographed wearing one. However, I think the less said about that the better.



As for the jacket itself ,just about every clothing manufacturer under the sun has had a stab at the Harrington style at some point; however, the original G9 design, drawn up by Baracuta in the 1930s, is still in production, and there is therefore no excuse for accepting imitations. A new selection of G9’s, with the same Fraser tartan lining as the original, are available now in the Barbour-esque ‘Beech’, Timeless Tan, and, erm, Navy – however, it seems that a S/S 2014 release will see a number of other more exotic colours follow.


On the manufacturing side of things, the quality is at least as good as ever, and Baracuta have updated the classic design by the introduction of technical fabrics. This ever-evolving combination of timeless design and contemporary construction gives me the feeling that, no matter how many dubiously stylish public figures are spotted in it, the G9 won’t be disappearing any time soon.

Find them at Oi Polloi and Stuart’s of London.

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  1. michaelRichardson

    Love them. Always have but near 300 nicker for a Harrington is a bleeding piss take. Is it the Italians doing? Clarts.

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