J. Panther Luggage Co, the Aviator

As my current job description includes approaching attractive strangers in the street and asking them if they want to appear on a new, Channel 4 dating show, this J. Panther Aviator bag could not have winged it’s way over from New York at a better time. This handmade, lightly waxed, olive beauty (designed by Jonny Diamandis and made by a pilot) provides me with just the right amount of bag space to pack my documents, ID, tickets, pens, (broken) phone a drink and a massive bag of nuts (from Booths in Media City). It also makes people think I’m really professional and that I know exactly what I’m doing, thus upping the quality of talent applying to take part. I’d also highly recommend it for up-market festivals, urban day-trips, business meetings with really cool companies or any situation where you need a really smart bag but don’t want to bogged down with too much baggage, which neatly brings me back to looking for more people to take part in this show…

Now available in the UK from:

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