Jacket Required Editorial#2 AW14


If you made it down to Jacket Required in it’s homecoming East End London show earlier this year then I was the one in the camouflage Cabourn/Eddie Bauer number drinking free beer with all those Scousers if you’re interested. If however you didn’t make it down then you missed some seriously smart schmutter including my particular favourite a load of Russian coats that looked like CP Company on magic mushrooms (in a good way) which goes by the name of Grunge John Orchestra Explosion.  To reflect the futuristic BMX champion vibes on show those clever clogs at Jacket Required have put together an editorial featuring some of exhibiting labels such as Deus Ex Machina, RASCALS’, Milkcrate Athletics and Cav Empt. for those of you who didn’t get to get merry with menswear minded mersey-siders. Good eh?







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