Jacket Sale Picks at Oi Polloi


I know, I know; sun’s out, we’re sweltering and all sweating like a ‘fat lass at a buffet’ (thanks Chubby Brown) or a ‘big lad on the dance floor’ (ta Peter Kaye) and it’s no time to be think about jackets is it?

Well my little sun scorched pals, here in the air conditioned, sun drenched rooms at ProperMag Towers we’re always thinking on about jackets.

That’s why you love us (like us*, don’t mind us*, put up with us*, fervently hate us* – delete as appropriate)

So no better time, now that the magpie-rearing folk at OiPolloi are well into their sale bonanza than to look at three of their best jackets which have had a price drop.

Put that Strawberry Mivvy down, ’cause as the great Leslie Crowther would have it; “The price is right so it’s time to Come on Down”…or at least get on-bloody-line; they might not still be there at payday.



Battenwear Cutter Jacket (Green):

Light weight, ideal for the warmer evenings; tons of pockets, ace colour, bit of nice print lining.  Very ace.



Our Legacy Bomber Jacket (White Tyvek):

Bomber Jackets are ‘in’. Fact. Our very own MarkyMark says so. Don’t believe me?  Then pop a Pica Post in your basket when ordering this and see for yourself.

If you can’t wear white in the middle of Summer, then there’s no other time you can.  Just lay off the jugs of Sangria, hey?



Polo Ralph Lauren Mountain Jacket (Green):

Sir Ralph; leaving his car collection and polo ponies at the base of the Rockies and having a summer ramble and picnic with the missus.  If he was, he’d be in this.

First class Hikerdelica.


All available from Oi Polloi at reduced prices now.

But not for long; just like the summer.


Twitter: @HiltonShoegazer 



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