Jackman Lands back at Oi Polloi

Japanese heritage brand Jackman lands back at Oi Polloi.

In 1949, baseball-fanatic Mitsugu Tanabe founded the Tanabe Meriyasu factory in Fukuki, Japan. The factory made baseball stirrup stockings inspired by the stockings of visiting American baseball teams in the years following the war. 

They invented new machines to accommodate demands and to produce higher quality weaves. The factory gained a reputation for quality and craftsmanship, supplying the official training wears of the 1964 Japanese Olympic team and the Nippon League’s first official uniforms and mitts. The results of the brand were under the name: Jackman. 

These days, Jackman make minimalist sportswear where the DNA of the brand can shine. Hard-wearing jersey, solid fabrics. It’s simple really. 

Head to Oi Polloi to pre some of Jackman’s bits. 

Jackman at Oi Polloi.

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