Jan Van Der Vekken: fabrica grafica (Gestalten)


I proper love Belgium me.  Not only do Belgians take the art of brewing beer, eating chips, wearing clothes and making chocolate incredibly seriously but they also consider comics and illustration a part of their cultural identity that they simply couldn’t live without. Speaking of which talented illustrator Jan Van Der Vekken is one of this noble country’s finest exponents of a very Belgian Bauhaus-meets-Hergé’ futurist style of graphic. In this charming showcase of Jan’s world ‘Fabrica Graphica’ we see how using a limited colour palette and a minimalist approach to drawing lines can result in some mind-blowingly cool illustrations, many of which have featured on the cover of the New Yorker. Many more of which would look great framed on my wall. OK who fancies a trip to Belgium? Or if you don’t like mayo on your chips you could just buy it HERE.



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