Jane & Serge. A Family Album.

fo_jane_and_sergeIs it right that so much pleasure can be derived purely by looking at someone else’s family album? Usually I would say not as other people’s photos are about as compelling as hearing all about other their previous night’s dreams. This particular family’s album however is rather exceptional, as it documents the twelve year love affair of  the Anglo-French ‘Bonnnie & Clyde’ Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin as photographed by close family member Jane’s brother Andrew. Though the humorous and heart-warming mix of photos will not disappoint fans of Serge & Jane, most of which have never been seen before and come displayed (as all good albums are) in chronological order with each new year signposted by a very Seventies illustrated font. It’s the added extras tucked inside it’s protective plastic cover that will  really blow your minds. Included with this amazing album comes a booklet with introductory text by Jane and Andrew (illustrated by Birkin family childhood photos), then there’s a softcover contact sheet booklet, a fold out poster (that reminded me of that one you got with the White album), five high quality photos, a proper cool sticker sheet and a beautiful embroidered patch of the Serge & Jane logo from the book’s cover that is just screaming out to be sewn on to some battered denim. So pour yourself a nice glass of Pastis, fire up a Gitane, whack on Melody Nelson and indulge yourself in reminiscing about the coolest couple to have ever walked the le monde. And for £35 it’s an absolute steal! Buy it HERE.!SERGE S36-S



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