January Sales Picks.

January sales are a tricky one. You’ve got a couple of common conundrums to deal with. Firstly, if, like me, you’ve spent most of December necking your beer tokens and then pissing them back up the wall, it might be a little tight.

Secondly, you’ve got to figure out creative ways to spend those vouchers that you got for Christmas at shops that you hadn’t given a thought about venturing into unless your missus is looking for bed linen. I’m off to Debenhams at the weekend to Blitzkrieg the thirty quid my Auntie Mo sent down on those aftershaves that you get a free travel bag/tshirt with. Behave.

Anyroad, seeing as there are some deals to be had and Dickinson is busy seeking out porcelain spaniels at Derbyshire car boot sales, here’s a few picks:

Don’t let any of this SS’14 nonsense lull you into a false sense of security and shorts; it’s going to be Baltic for a good couple of months yet.

Despite this bright orange reversible Gilssade Jacket being described as Navy, the fleece lining will do you umpteen favours on the inside, and you might get spotted in one of these hysterical storms if you get lost too. £122 at Oi Polloi.

Fisherman’s Friend crew knit, zip detail on the shoulder, warmth with £45 off? Nice one YMC.

The rest of the sale at Anthem has some brilliant bargains, but at the time of writing, this Indigo Plaid Shirt still has a decent range of sizes available and only £52.50. Shabba.

Cords? What do you think this is, the 80’s? Nup, but the Oli’s Jean Navy Cord with lightweight cotton and tapered fit will look a lot better back in the office than the Thomas the Tank Engine tie that Steve from accounts is sporting post-Christmas. These are down to £104 at Oliver Spencer.

That’s a grand saving of £145.50 that the energy companies and the Tories can now stiff out of you.

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