JD King of Trainers AW14


It’s that time of year when high street heavyweights JD remind us all just why it is that they’re the ruling monarch in this country when it comes to cutting edge footwear, having covered pretty much every trainer tribes needs from Johnhead to geriatrics alike.  Topping the regal crop this season are adidas Zx750, Vans Winston, Puma Suedes, Nike Air Force 1’s, Air Max 90’s and Air Max 1’s many of which come in exclusive JD colourways and all of which will make your feet feel like royalty.

Check out the collection HERE. if you wanna be down with the kiiiiiiing of trainers.







  1. Neil Summers

    Good for you

    PS your email address doesn’t work

  2. Neil Summers

    JD do actually sell some ace trainers Andrew but I take your point mate

  3. I kinda understand the electricity bill has to be paid and given the choice nobody wants to be given money by that weird guy who hangs round the train station toilets and who wants to eat your vomit – whilst you sniff his urine covered genitalia. But lets face it, that maybe more credible than any claim that JD sports, is a point of style reference.

    Maybe if you provide an email address I could start a collection among my local vagrant population (sorry JD Sports core customer base) and together we will be able to settle that electricity bill to mutual satisfaction of all parties.

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