Huge Sale at John Anthony

What do you do when all your favourite brands cost an arm and a leg? Wait for a John Anthony sale, of course. 

The thing about John Anthony – one of the UK’s longest-running independent fashion retailers, founded in 1979 – is that a lot of its clothes are well expensive. 

It was, after all, one of the first retailers in the country to introduce a series of culturally significant menswear brands to a larger audience, including little brands like Stone Island, C.P. Company, Comme Des Garçons, Y-3 and many others. 

Since then, the brand now has five stores in the South, and has grown to stock a host of new brands like A-COLD-WALL*, Salomon, Comme Des Garcons Play, MKI Miyuki Zoku, Dries Van Noten, Our Legacy and more. 

The redeeming factor? Every now and then there’s a sale. 

Imagine being able to cop Paraboots for £150, Maharishi with a oner knocked off, or a CP Co-Ted for half price (yes, we know it isn’t jacket weather but the wise shop off-season). 

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John Anthony Sale.

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