John Chapman Bags

Still begrudgingly using that Head sports bag your old man used in the 80’s? Embarrassed turning up at work with a bag only the double denim hero that is Kevin Webster would be proud of? Well…irrespective of your baggage needs John Chapman bags are just the ticket. They’ve got a range of bags to aid the transit of your various accoutrements whether it be to work, a weekend away or just mooching round town pretending you’ve got a dead rabbit stashed in your bag.

Based in Carlisle, John Chapman have been making bags since the 80’s, about the time your old man popped into Inter-Sport and thought that Head bag (yes that one) would look great draped over his shoulder on the way to leather Nigel from accounts on the squash court. Chapman bags operations have come quite some way since the early days when ex-policeman, John Chapman was making fishing and game bags on his kitchen table, thinking up his best design ideas sat in the pub nursing a pint. John Chapman are a fairly large scale British owned operation who remain committed to producing top notch bags made using quality materials. They sell their bags globally and have collaborated with Present and Oliver Sweeney in recent years. No computers, just proper craftsmen taking their time at the cutting table using traditional hand crafted techniques. You’ll only get your bag once its passed the top girls stringent quality standards, she’ll even attach a little signed note to say so. Below I’ve included some of the originals and some new very welcome editions, the woollen rucksack is a real treat. Yes that is a hint.



Ideal for cycling around town. The 2″ webbing straps are made from 100% cotton British woven parachute webbing, this will be immediately obvious to other road users, you’ll probably get a lot of attention and be followed.




Based on a classic WW2 paratroop design, use it as a laptop briefcase or if you fancy wear it as a backpack.  There is a padded rear interior laptop compartment, a large front zippered pocket with poppered storm flap and poppered exterior side pockets. Enough poppers? Just be careful, don’t start jumping from high places and think you’ll be alright.




This could well be that bag you’ve been after for while, big enough for weekends away or for carrying your gym kit. Cracking bag this is, you’ll be able to carry your stuff and look like a fully fledged 1970’s bank robber.




Top quality laptop briefcase, padded interior laptop pocket will fit a 15″ screen laptop. There is space for papers and your pencil case in the full length exterior slip pockets on the front and rear of the bag. There are handy leather base reinforcements so this will last you!




Falcon shoulder bag based on a traditional falconry bag. When both shoulder strap fastenings are secured to the central retaining ring, both sides of the bag can be instantly accessed while on the shoulder simply by flipping the bag around. Originally this feature was used by falconers to access different types of bait easily while handling birds in the air. Nice way to store you Ipad or netbook and your bit and bobs for the day on your commute. Or, alternatively take up falconry and come over all Terry Nutkins, minus the skullet, of course.

 By Greg Atkins

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