Jungmaven and P.A.M T-Shirts at Peggs & Son

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I’ve been collecting t-shirts for years. Over time, I’ve noticed that purchases tend to go in spells; long periods of plain white simplicity (granted, that’s probably near enough all the time for me) broken up by – aside from during those iron reliant days of the mid-noughties, when all we were wearing were polo shirts – intermittent smatterings of well designed, high quality, printed tees. These walk just the right side of novelty melvness and Jungmaven are throwing in some Surfadelic Americana-vibes to boot.

We all know you’ve got to be careful when it comes to trying to be quirky or ‘ironic’ when it comes to prints on a t-shirt. There are those who are good at it, and those who aren’t – you know both the sorts. Jungmaven and P.A.M are showing us how it’s done over at Peggs and Son.

The former have stuck the washing instructions straight onto the front of a navy, hemp and organic cotton tee, mixing in waves of 70s surf competition vibes to boot. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about ending up with egg on your face if you go for this effort by P.A.M, as it will be all over your shirt. HA!

But if having to put up with wise cracks about spilling egg on yourself doesn’t appeal quite enough – or should that be ‘un oeuf‘? (Sorry) – or maybe you’re a little concerned about the ladies, this second tee from P.A.M might be more your thing. It’s got three Michelangelian statuesque beauties, looking like they’re up to no good, above some sort of tribal band; which probably has some deep and insightful connection, that I can’t quite fathom right now.

Either way, three more great tees. If only there was enough sunshine to wear them all.

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