Jungmaven Tees at Commonn Store


There are some people in this world (I won’t name names) who think that you shouldn’t spend much time or money on stuff like t-shirts. I know, I know, I know.

As someone who has t-shirts dating back to 1988 I think those people are very, very wrong. A tee (if made properly) will probably last you longer than any expensive coat, pair of jeans or dead good trainers you care to mention (apart from filson maybe). And tees really don’t come any better than Jungmaven ones. In fact it’s not really fair to label them as mere t-shirts when they’re made using the environment-loving, super plant hemp. A plant which will not only ensure that you have the best looking, longest lasting tee in town but also one which when in the ground processes four times as much carbon dioxide as trees and uses a fraction of the amount of water. And lets not get started on all the other miraculous properties that hemp possesses or we’ll be here all year won’t we? But anyway, the most excellent Commonn Store currently have just taken delivery of some spectacular Jungmaven hemp/organic cotton raglan and pocket tees. Impeccable items each and everyone that scream laid-back yet classy in an oh so summery kind of way. So go and treat yourself and buy a tee or two as these ones will look after you and the environment.








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