K-Way – ’90’s Remakes


Imagine for a minute there’s people out there who don’t want to wear a jacket all the time.

Go on, I know it’s difficult, but try.

Right, well what do that lot do when it rains? Run for cover under the boughs of a majestic ancient Oak tree if they’re in the countryside maybe, or bob into the nearest Boots if they’re pounding the pavements of town.

A way round the threats of falling acorns or banging into the aged populous of the high street chemist is to carry your Cag-in-a-Bag or Pocket-your-Parka and have it ready to wear as ‘n’ when required.

It was the birth of French brand K-Way and their waterproof nylon Pac-a-Macs in the mid ’60’s that started this rain-avoidance revolution. Still the go-to brand for light weight colourful rainwear for many a European; from pencil-pinching exchange students to red-umbrella following city-guided tourists; K-Way haven’t gone A-way.

With a recently extended range adding to the classic styles of the ‘Leon’ et ‘Claude’ (French Arthouse cinema vibes right there) to include ‘Tied To The 90’s’ reissued jackets from their ‘not too distant-past’ archive.

Harking back to the sportswear inspired colourways and contrast panelling of the early ‘90s these remade classics are all 100% waterproof and windproof and feature either full zip or mid zip fronts and heat-sealed taped seams.

The 1990 Remake 126 summer jacket is available now from Oi Polloi in all it’s hidden hooded; red, white and blue nylon loveliness. Just by wearing it you be transported back to simpler (& better) times – that Summer of 1990; and you really can go “walking in the rain, just to get wet on purpose“.







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