The New Hay Day For K-Way

K-Way 70s and 80s popularity is coming full circle. 


When Leon Claude Duhamel invented the K-Way jacket in 1965 France, he originally named the brand en-K, with K representing the French cas, or, the English case. The original lightweight and packable jackets were a just in case it rains jacket, always an arm’s reach away when the heaven’s open.

He sacked that off though as he realised more people spoke English than French, and if he wanted global market domination, it better be accessible. He settled on K-Way because it tapped into a more trendy American idea at the time: a way of life. 

It popped off and throughout the 70s and 80s, they were doing the most with Olympic brand partnerships, big trade deals and high turnovers. 

The brand had a long nap for the next twenty years, but now they’re back, armed with updated OG packable rain jackets galore. Perfect for the unpredictable English summer: lightweight, nylon pac-a-macs.

You know, just in case. 

Browse K-Way at Terraces.

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K-Way at Terraces.

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