Karhu Albatross ‘Nordic Berries’ Pack

Albatross Burnt Orange:Latte2

If you’re lucky enough to have visited Finland then you’ll probably know that they’re pretty big on berries over there. In fact I’ll never forget the bucolic train ride I took through the North Finnish countryside whereupon we stopped in a field and two girls who could only be described as ‘young maidens’ got on and proceeded to sell punnets of fresh strawberries to the passengers from their large wicker baskets. That never happens at Reddish North. Keeping with the berry theme but this time on an autumnal fruity tip Karhu’s most iconic shoe the Albatross is being released in three limited edition fruit-tastic prints under the apt title of ‘Nordic Berries’. you can choose from Blueberry, Lingonberry or Seabuckthorn (no me neither) to adorn your feet. Or you could buy all three of them and then make a big trainer fruit salad.

Albatross 'Nordic Berries' Group2

Albatross Burnt Orange:Latte

Albatross Burgundy:Light Grey

Albatross Blue:Light Grey

Albatross 'Nordic Berries' Group1


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