Karhu Fusion 2.0 ‘Metro Pack’

Inspired by Finland’s beautiful nature, the rich sporting history and it’s impressive architecture for their latest drop Karhu have take to the capital city of Helsinki and it’s Metro system. Eight different architects designed the eight new stations on the route from central Helsinki to Espoo with one of Karhu’s favourite stops beingi Matinkyl√§ where frost and summer clouds inspired the ceiling of the platform area that’s formed from aluminium sheets painted in different shades of white. Referencing this sublime ceiling the ‘Metro Pack’ includes a Fusion 2.0 decked out in different kinds of technical mesh mixed with leather overlays. combined with the colour palette of different shades of whites and orange accents. Looks like this fantastically Finnish footwear is the result of some serious ‘commuter love’.

Buy a pair of Karhu Metro Pack Fusion 2.0 from Fresh Store here.

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