Karhu “Rally” Pack at Fresh

Did you know that back in the eighties our favourite phenomenal Finnish footwear brand Karhu sponsored a Ford Escort driven by famous rally world champion Carlos Sainz Sr? No, me neither. Nicknamed “El Matador,” he was the first non-Nordic driver to win the 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland and held the World Rally Championship record for most career starts until it was broken by Finnish driver Jari-Matti Latvala. Though it’s actually the great man’s race-car that was driven at the famous Calafat Circuit that’s inspired Karhu’s “Rally” Pack concept.

Comprising of the Karhu Aria 95s and the Synchron Classic both come in exclusive colour ways reflecting the car’s paint and decals as well as the rally driving suits. Using names like glacier gray and lake blue the colours used on these shoes inspire images of bright sunny Autumnal days outdoors albeit with a Ford Escort flying through the air somewhere in the distance!

Check out the Karhu Rally Pack at Fresh Store here.


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