Karhu Releases Three New Colourways

Karhu excels at a colourway. 


Parasol stocks one of the UK’s biggest collections of Karhu, largely thanks to the brand’s commendable effort to produce an assortment of stand out colourways. 

Karhu has just released three new flavours: two iterations of the Fusion 2.0 and one Legacy 96. 

The Fusion 2.0 comes in a blue fog/jet black, which can be seen above, contrasted with orange highlights and a crème brûlée sole. The second colourway, like a talented French chef, brings together ‘pigeon’ and ‘dark cheddar’, for an aesthetic treatment that looks a lot better than it sounds. 

The Legacy 96 styles the iconic Karhu bear shape with blue wing teal/bright white. 

All the colourways drop at Parasol on the Friday 13th. 

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Karhu at Parasol

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