Katie Eary x Pretty Green

NewGen winner and RCA graduate Katie Eary’s is known for her print designs that reference various subcultures with previous collections having focussed on acid house, Seditionaries and football hooliganism.  Which is why Pretty Green asked Katie to come up with a new version of one of their existing prints given their shared love of printed patterns. Katie went for their paisley print and took Irvine Welsh’s book ‘the Acid House’ as her inspiration, choosing to incorporate animals and something dark into the design. The result is two repeat patterns featuring bluebottle flies in green and blue which if you’ve read the book will have you laughing out load and/or retching in equal amounts whilst recalling what happens to Boab. To celebrate the 16 piece capsule collection Pretty Green shot the look book and video with Brit Indie artist Bakar linking up the brand’s rich musical heritage with new up and coming UK artists as well as a nod to Katie’s love of rock’n’roll.

 Check out the Katie Eary x Pretty Green collection here.


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