Kavu Flies in Two Fresh Shirts for Autumn

Kavu is an aviation abbreviation for ‘clear above, visibility unlimited,’ which is what you’d say if you were flying a plane towards the horizon with nothing but the thrill of freedom in your mind. Kavu wants to capture that feeling: they want to encapsulate limitlessness. Look at the mug shot of Kavu’s founder, Barry Barr.  That’s the sort of self-satisfied face that a man who knows his own mortality wears; a man who has lived. Take it from Kavu – life is about invigoration. 

Coincidentally, as well as manifesting a lifestyle, Kavu also stock clothes for it. For a life designed to be lived, you need clothes that are durable, hardy, and adaptable. Clothes can never be an excuse to not do something. Get some bloody mud on ‘em.

These two Big Joe shirts in Stag and Heritage are perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re taking it easy or preparing for a mini adventure, Kavu has got your back.

Browse more Kavu at Urban Industry. 

Kavu at Urban Industry

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