KAVU Prepares Fashionable Fisherman for the Days Ahead

KAVU’s story is always inspiring and always impossible to resist repeating: Barry Barr was a commercial fisherman who began selling a handmade cap – now, the iconic Strapcap – out of the back of his car. Barr, whose fishing trips – we imagine – involved the sort of scenarios where he stood on the deck face to face with storms, a thick layer of hair on his chin and a stoic expression on his face, is someone used to the feeling of wind, and so he designed the cap to be as velocity-resistant as possible. The Strapcap, like Barr himself, refuses to be deterred by adverse weather conditions. Before inventing the Strapcap, Barr knew that there is no such thing as bad weather, merely bad preparation. An industrious entrepreneur, as well as hardened Alaskan trawler graduate, Barr spotted a gap in the market and filled it.

Now, many years down the line, Barr’s weather-resistant hat project has grown into KAVU, and they make fleeces, mock necks, t-shirts, hardy corduroy shirts, and everything you can imagine a fashion-conscious fisherman would wear on his or her off-days. The Kavu Teannaway Mock Neck Fleece, for example, features a high neck with snap buttons for extra protection against chilling winds and a brilliant pattern across the polar fleece. 

Urban Industry has many of these solid items on sale, which is live here, with reductions of up to 50%.

KAVU at Urban Industry.

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