Kavu’s Strapcap and Fleeces Continue a DIY Spirit

Barry Barr, the founder of Kavu, started by selling his signature ‘strapcap’ out the back of his car way back in 1993. The strapcap’s iconic pattern was mildly psychedelic, and has gone through many forms since its inception. Initially, it was composed of a patterned piece of fabric fitted with a strap that stuck the hat firmly to the head. It was motivated by Barr’s frustration with losing his hat on fishing trips. Now, it finds use not just on fishing heads but on those of runners, cyclists and moped drivers – anyone going fast that risks losing their favourite piece of headwear. Like the pattern, it’s taken many forms, but has found solidity in this 2021 conception.

The pattern has extended from its heady beginnings to grace an assortment of fleeces. They involve aztec-influenced vector patterns and mountainous versions decorated with sasquatches. The fleeces also come in quieter marine colours – throwing back to Barr’s days as a fisherman – with nice beige detailing. 

All of Kavu’s clothing is made with the free spirit that Barr started it with. It’s a DIY energy, and its success is a testament to that. 

Browse more of Kavu’s selection at Urban Industry. 

Kavu at Urban Industry.

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