KEEN x Beams

Now I’m not saying that KEEN are the coolest and most highly desirable footwear brand in the world right now but they have just done collabs with THREE of Japan’s coolest brand/stores. Whilst their hookups with Journal-Standard and United Arrows are both proper amazing, it’s the bangers they’ve done with Beams that are our favourites from this triple threat.

Adapted with a vibrant orange colour across the foot that nicely juxtaposes with the stark black tone across the base of the shoe the Beams UNEEK SNK also feature an eye-catching multi-coloured cord and toggle that combines ten different colours to striking effect

The KEEN x BEAMS collection are available to buy from the 17.04.21 at, END,

MatchesFashion, Garbstore, Size? & Oi Polloi.

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