Keep Maharishi Understated

So Maharishi is having a bit of a thing right now. You see it: them cold embroidered patterns built around leopards and cats and geishas and samurais and dragons with the baggy, effortless fits. It’s undeniably hard. But you know what happens in the fashion world when you start seeing something too often? You either swerve it – “it’s bait now” – or you subvert it. Listen: I only wear my stoney without the badge. You get me. Maybe I’m trying too hard. 

Anyway: Maharishi pants without the signature print. Stone Island without the signature badge. It’s a natural progression. The fit is still there. And you know. That’s the best thing, right? If you know that it’s hard, you’ll still feel great. And that’s why we wear nice clothes, right? To feel good.

Subvert the trends and stay miles ahead with these low-key Maharishi no-print snopants. If you know, you know. 

Pre the spell out on the back, though. That’s hard.

Grab them at John Anthony.

Maharishi at John Anthony. 

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