Keep The Faith with Electrik, Good Measure & Northern Monk

Our top mates at Electrik Bar have teamed up with our other top mates at Good Measure and beautiful beer brewers Northern Monk for a competition that is sure to brighten up your lockdown.

With everything that is going on at the moment, we are looking in all directions to cheer us up – be it that chilly can of craft beer or treating yourself to some new fresh garms. The lovely people of Electrik, a music & beer-centric bar in the heart of Chorlton, are well aware of this, and although they cannot invite you through their doors at the moment for a few drinks and some dancing, what they can do is team up with some of the cities finest to launch a competition to make this lockdown scenario that tiny bit more bearable.

Electrik has teamed up with clothing brand Good Measure AND craft beer giants Northern Monk to launch a competition on Thursday 30th April. The lucky winner will claim the M-21 Shirley Crabtree heavyweight, 100% cotton sweat from Good Measure along with a delivery of Northern Monk’s aptly named ‘Faith’ Hazy Pale Ale. No need to worry either as both of these items will be sent to your door and left at a government mandated safe distance.

Clothes and beer? What’s not to love? Head to @electrikbar or @goodmeasure on Instagram to find out how to enter.

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