Kit-Cat Black Kit-Cat Klock

From appearances on the golden screen (including an especially memorable appearance in Back to the Future) to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry videos the art deco Kit-Cat clock is a bonafide design icon. Starting life in Portland Oregon back in 1932 as a way of raising spirits during the great depression this monochrome moggy is as American as Andy Warhol eating apple pie in a stetson. Though it may have gained a few additional tweaks over the years this timeless timepiece is still made in the USA and has only increased in popularity with various versions and special editions having been added to the Kit-Cat family in the 21st century. Given the current weird and uncertain situation around the globe it feels like there’s never been a better time to get a Kit-Cat Klock on your wall to fill the room with some joy and laughter Americana style.

Buy a Black Kit-Cat Clock here.


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