Klean Kanteen Industry First Move to Recycled Stainless Steel

Klean Kanteen uses life-cycle assessment models to assess its own ecosystem impacts – and has moved to recycled stainless steel. 

recycled stainless steel

With impact reduction its main goal, Klean Kanteen has “never been afraid to go all in on big ideas.” The brand has switched to certified 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel, reducing its reliance on fresh steel.

The switch will result in a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 30% reduction in energy demand and a 60% to 80% reduction in ecosystem impact. 

To reach Klean Kanteen’s stainless steel metal standards, 10% of pure materials must be present. 10% of virgin steel maintains hardness, density, and thickness. 

Klean Kanteen is the first reusable water bottle and food solutions brand to use 90% post-consumer certified recycled steel. Many other companies use recycled steel that contains lower levels of post-consumer content and are not third party certified. However, Klean Kanteen is the first to guarantee a specific percentage of certified post-consumer recycled content in its products.

Read more about Klean Kanteen’s commitments here.

Recycled Stainless Steel at Klean Kanteen.

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